Fetch Instance Telemetry

Requires the containers-view permission.

  • sort

    Sorts can be performed on any field - see sorting

  • filter

    Collections of resources can be filtered based on certain criteria - see filtering  Accepted filters: range

For this call a start date filter must be applied as a query. If a start date is given before the creation of the container, and no end point is given - all data points will be returned. You may apply and end date to constrain this call.


Returns an array of telemetry data points, otherwise returns an Error.

Instance Telemetry Point
  • time

    The timestamp of when the sample was taken.

  • instances

    An object where the key is the instance state, and the value is the number of instances that were in that state when the sample was taken.

GET /v1/containers/5b9c2a77b6393d0001eb45fd/telemetry/instances

Example Request
$ curl https://api.cycle.io/v1/containers/5b9c2a77b6393d0001eb45fd/telemetry/instances?filter[range][start]=2021-01-23T02:00:00Z \
"Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"
Example Response
"data": [
"time": "2019-06-18T06:15:00Z",
"instances": {
"new": 0,
"starting": 0,
"reimaging": 0,
"running": 1,
"stopping": 0,
"stopped": 0,
"failed": 0,
"deleting": 0