TLS Generation Attempt Resource

SSL/TLS certificates are a way to protect the transfer of information, by using encryption on data sent between users and sites. Cycle keeps track of your attempts to create certificates so that you can track whether certificate generation was a success or failure.

  • id

    The ID of the attempt.

  • hub_id

    The hub that the attempt was made in.

  • domains
    array of strings

    The domain(s), on which the attempt was being made.

  • time

    A timestamp showing when the attempt was made.

  • success
    A boolean value that returns true is your generation attempt was successful and false if it failed.
  • error

    If there is an error, verbose error information will be included here.

Example Successful Attempt
"id": "6e43de0a78ecdb000129b8ec",
"hub_id": "5cc78aa0db2ab000014a8b98",
"domains": [
"time": "2019-05-27T22:09:50.375Z",
"success": true