List Image Sources

A collection of image sources that can be used to create images from.

Requires the images-view permission.

  • include

    Accepted Values: creators

  • meta

    Accepted Values: images_count

  • sort

    Sorts can be performed on any field - see sorting

  • filter

    Collections of resources can be filtered based on certain criteria - see filtering  Accepted filters: statesearch


Returns a collection of source resources, otherwise returns an Error.

GET /v1/images/sources

Example Request
$ curl \
"Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"
"X-Hub-Id: HUB_ID"
Example Response
"data": [
"id": "5b9c2a77b6393d0001eb45fd",
"type": "direct",
"name": "demo",
"about": {
"description": null
"origin": {
"type": "docker-hub",
"details": {
"target": "cycleplatform/getting-started:latest"
"creator": {
"id": "5a232a77b6393d0001ac2df2",
"type": "api-key"
"hub_id": "5fff2a77b6393d0001eb3333",
"state": {
"changed": "2021-02-10T20:08:29.734Z",
"current": "live"
"events": {
"created": "2021-02-10T20:08:29.734Z",
"updated": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"deleted": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"