List IP Pools

Fetch a list of IP pools that are assigned to your hub.

Requires the ips-manage permission.

  • include

    Accepted Values: creatorsserversproviderslocations

  • sort

    Sorts can be performed on any field - see sorting

  • filter

    Collections of resources can be filtered based on certain criteria - see filtering  Accepted filters: availablecluster


Returns a list of IP pool resources, otherwise returns an Error.

GET /v1/infrastructure/ips/pools

Example Request
$ curl \
"Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"
"X-Hub-Id: HUB_ID"
Example Response
"data": [
"id": "5c7369bc4c51ea0001b32c40",
"hub_id": "5a14ddd8b6393d0001976f44",
"kind": "ipv4",
"provider": {
"identifier": "equinix-metal",
"location": "2b70eb8f-fa18-47c0-aba7-222a8423ffff",
"reservation": "300ae906-fb05-4073-875e-2fb6f5afffff",
"server": "9b82a54f-e934-4c17-9da2-532e84f7ffff",
"server_assignment": "660f7faf-d01b-49af-9dba-d076eeaaffff"
"server_id": "5a14de0a78ecdb000128b9ec",
"floating": false,
"location_id": "5c1ab90821638910ec95558a",
"ips": {
"total": 1,
"available": 0
"block": {
"cidr": "",
"gateway": "",
"netmask": "",
"network": ""
"state": {
"changed": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
"current": "live"