Trigger Pipeline With Secret

Trigger a pipeline using a, causing the pipeline to complete a run.

  • include

    Accepted Values: creatorsname

  • sort

    Sorts can be performed on any field - see sorting

  • filter

    Collections of resources can be filtered based on certain criteria - see filtering 


Returns an task resource, otherwise returns an Error.

POST /v1/pipelines/5b9c2a77b6393d0001eb45fd/trigger

Example Request
$ curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"secret":"secret_yaaaCgEabUXnZYcccTaQWTnWYE333DQw1111ZQ2UAUHEEEio6BNqc8888888"}' \
Example Response
"data": {
"action": "trigger",
"job_id": "5d01b9b3db2ab00001508cd8"