Hub Tiers

Cycles pricing has three components, a tier, usage, and support. Below is a brief description of the RAM and image storage that is provided in each tier.

For a full description of Cycle pricing along with an interactive pricing tool go here.


Each tier comes with a predefined amount of RAM. The Lite tier comes with 10GB, while the Scale tier comes with 1TB. Any overages are billed based on your selected tiers overage rate.


Image storage is also included with any tier you select. The Standard tier comes with 200GB of image storage to start. Unlike RAM, storage has a hard cap. If you reach your storage limit you will need to remove images from your storage before you can add new images. The other option would be to upgrade your tier to an option with more image storage available.

Need Help?

If you've got questions about the platform or need some help getting started, our team is more than happy to assist. Whether you're new to containers or just new to Cycle, reach out to us via livechat by clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner. Join our Slack channel, and get help from the dev team or other members of the community, and check out our Roadmap to see what's planned for the future!