Configuring and Connecting To Volumes Via SFTP

Configure remote access settings to enable connecting to volumes via SFTP.

SFTP is file transfer over a shell session. When enabled, Cycle creates an endpoint on your server that allows you to manage files in your instance volumes, regardless of whether they are public, private, started or stopped.

To access SFTP configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Environments tab on the navigation menu to the left.
  2. Select the environment the container you want to modify is in.
  3. Click the Containers tab under the environment name.
  4. Select the container from the list.
  5. Click the Volumes tab under the container name.

Each instance of your container will have its own credentials. You can find out more about connecting through SFTP here.

SFTP Settings


Before you can access your volume via SFTP, remote access must be enabled. This is done on a per-volume basis for extra security. To set up remote access/SFTP, click the toggle titled "Enabled" in the top right corner of the remote access panel.

General Password

If you do not plan on using an access control list (ACL) to authenticate, you will need to set a general password for remote access. Any remote connection will be able to authenticate if they know the username/password combination, so we strongly recommend leaving this as "none" and instead set authorized IPs.

There are 3 types of passwords you can use:

  • Raw - Cycle will use the password exactly as you type it in. When accessing an instance volume, you will type the same password into your SFTP client that you have set in this box.
  • SHA512 - A hashed version of your password. Run your password through a SHA512 generator, and paste the hash into the field. It is not recommended to use an online SHA512 hash generator, since the purpose of this type of password is that it is not sent insecurely or stored by Cycle. When authenticating with your SFTP client, you will use your original, unhashed password to log in.
  • MD5 - Another type of hashed password, this one will not be as secure as SHA512, and is not recommended, but Cycle will support it.
It is recommended to use a SHA512 hash for your password.

Manage Authorized IPs

The ACL can be used in conjunction with a general access password, but this is not recommended.

The best way to ensure secure access to your volumes is by authorizing specific IPs that are allowed to connect. Look for the form field marked Authorized IPS, there you can fill in a whitelist of approved IP's.

Once your volume is configured, hit "Save & Restart" to update your volume settings.

Updating the volume configuration of a running container will cause it to restart!

Connecting To a Volume Via SFTP

When you configure remote access for a volume, each container instance's copy will follow those rules. To connect to a volume via SFTP, go to the specific instance dashboard you wish to access, and find the remote access credentials beneath the terminal. For more information, see here.

Further Reading

For more detailed information about remotely accessing your containers, check out this blog post or the container FAQ.

Need Help?

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