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Image Sources Overview

By creating a source and giving Cycle access to a specific image, developers can easily reimage containers without constantly managing credentials.

Creating Sources

There are currently 3 types of image sources supported.

  1. Docker Hub - create an image source from an existing image repo on Docker Hub.
  2. Docker Registry - create an image source from an exisitng image repo on a private Docker registry, with support for other registry types coming very soon!
  3. Docker File - create an image source from a repositiory hosted on any git solution (private or public) by adding a Dockerfile to your repo and telling Cycle where its located.

Managing Sources

Easily manage sources by clicking on the Images tab in the main navigation and then clicking on any individual source. Then choose the settings tab from the horizontal navigation.

From settings a user can make updates to the name, description, and repo data - including the repo url and auth type.


Choosing to delete a source is irreversible.