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Add Infrastructure

Deploying a new server on Cycle is simple.

  • First, click Infrastructure from the main navigation.
  • From there, select Add Servers.

Infrastructure Deploy Modal#

The infrastructure deploy modal will pop up after clicking on the add servers button. If the provider desired for this deployment is not selectable, that means that credentials have not yet been added to the providers page.

After selecting a provider select a location to provision from and click Next.

Available Servers#

The next page shows all available servers for the datacenter chosen. Added servers will show in the Order Summary panel - on the right-hand side of the page.


Select an existing cluster from the dropdown or create a new cluster by typing a cluster name into the box. For more information on clusters - go here

The final step is to click the Deploy This Infrastructure button. Once that's complete, the infrastructure will be deployed by Cycle on the users behalf through the associated credentials used when adding the provider to Cycle. The provisioning process generally takes anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on the server.