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Adding Providers

Adding a provider is a simple process and allows the user to fully manage their infrastructure through Cycle.

  • Navigate to the infrastructure dashboard by selecting Infrastructure from the main left-hand navigation.
  • Next select the Providers tab from the top nav.
  • Select The Add Provider button at the top right of the screen.
  • Pick the provider of your choice from the dropdown and add credentials.
  • Click the Verify button to verify the credentials are correct.

Currently Supported Providers

Cycle currently supports the following providers:

Auxillary Native Providers

To set up an Auxillary native provider, or, more simply, to add another account of the types natively supported, users can select the Abstraction / Custom Integration provider with the following special base_url.

The supported base url's are:

  • aws
  • equinix-metal
  • vultr
  • gcp

Alongside these base url's, the user will also need to provide the respective API key, secret, config, or whatever that provider requires.

Aux Provider