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Stages and Steps

Stages and steps are the collections of actions that make up pipelines on the Cycle platform.

Use Reference

Every step has the option to be added as a Reference. A reference is something that can be "referred" to in later steps for this or other stages. A reference cannot be referred to until it is created.

Steps Action List

The following is a full list of supported pipeline steps.

  • Sleep - an amount of time for the pipeline to wait in seconds before moving to the next step.
  • Webhook Post - post the results of a previous step to the supplied endpoint.
  • Container Create - create a container resource.
  • Container Restart - restart a container resource.
  • Container Start - start a container resource.
  • Container Stop - stop a container resource.
  • Container Delete - delete a container resource.
  • Image Source Create - create an image source that can be used to create and import images.
  • Image Create - create the shell of an image that will be populated with data when the image is imported.
  • Image Import - import the resources that will make up the image from the connected image source.
  • Images Prune - prune all or a list of images by source.
  • Environment Create - create an environment resource.
  • Environment Start - start an environment resource.
  • Environment Start - start an environment resource.
  • Environment Stop - stop an environment resource.
  • Environment Delete - delete an environment resource.
  • Stack Build Create - build the shell of a stack that will be used to generate the stack build.
  • Stack Build Generate - generate a full build of the stack.
  • Stack Build Deploy - deploy a given stack to an environment.

Each of these steps can be added to a stage one or more times through the editor. All steps can be referenced by an optional identifier and the results of that step can be reused in other steps.