Creating a Hub

Learn how to set up a new hub on Cycle and select which infrastructure you would like to include.

Use the API
Are you a developer? Want to go deeper? Use the Cycle API to create your hub.

Use the intuitive Create Hub Wizard to get started.

If this is your first time creating a hub, simply log in to the portal and click Create Hub in the navigation menu. If you would like to add another hub, click the hub toggle in the nav menu on the left side and select Add Hub.

Jump to a section of the wizard to learn more or check out this video:

  1. Name your hub. This will usually be the name of your organization or an organization you manage.
  2. Select your hub tier and support plan.
  3. Choose your provider and enter the associated API key.
  4. Enter billing information.
  5. Add collaborators and finalize.

Step 1: Name Your hub

Give your hub a name that will remind you what you plan to use the space for.

Step 2: Select your hub tier and support plan

Hub Tier

Hub tiers are how you define how much storage and RAM your hub will need. Each tier is tailored towards a hub size. If you choose a tier with too many resources Cycle will automatically scale your billing to a lower tier at the end of the month. Click here to find out more about tiers.


Cycle offers a standard support plan that is included at no additional cost. This includes communication with our team via our portal live chat and access to the Cycle Slack channel. Response is guaranteed within 24 hours. For a guaranteed response of 4 hours or less select the VIP support. This package also includes phone support during business hours. Click here to find out more about support.

Step 3: Choose your provider

Enable the providers of your choice and enter your API keys in the box.

Where do I get API keys?
  • For Vultr: Text | Video
  • For Packet: Text | Video
  • For AWS: Text | Video
  • Step 4: Enter Billing Information

    Enter the credit card information you want to use for this hub. Your card will be charged at the end of your billing cycle, every 28 days.

    If you need to arrange alternate payment methods, please reach out to our support team.

    Step 5: Add Collaborators and Finalize

    Congratulations, your hub has been created! You'll be able to start deploying containers in just a few minutes. The final step is to invite collaborators to your hub, and configure any advanced options.


    Before you finalize your order you will have a chance to add collaborators to the hub. Cycle makes it easy to add collaborators and describe the type of access you want those users to have in one step. Type in the email address of the person you wish to add and then select their access level from the Role dropdown menu.

    Need Help?

    If you've got questions about the platform or need some help getting started, our team is more than happy to assist. Whether you're new to containers or just new to Cycle, reach out to us via livechat by clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner. Join our Slack channel, and get help from the dev team or other members of the community, and check out our Roadmap to see what's planned for the future!