Configuring AWS

Use this guide to configure the assets you'll need to use AWS as a provider on Cycle.

Generating AWS IAM User for EC2

Generate a new IAM (Identity and Access Management) user and access keys to enable AWS as a provider on Cycle.

If you prefer a video guide, go here.

Log into your AWS account

Don't have an AWS account?

If you don't have an AWS account head to this link to sign up!

To follow this guide on creating IAM users with full EC2 privileges log into your AWS account as the root user.

Navigate to the IAM portal

This guide purposefully avoids guiding you through creating root level AWS access keys. AWS has strong feelings about this and you can read more here.

Click the services tab at the top of the screen. Enter "IAM" into the searchbar and navigate to the IAM portal by clicking on the service.

Create a new IAM user

Once you have navigated to the IAM Portal locate the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen and look for the Users link. Once your on the Users page click Add user.

On the next page enter a user name and then select Programmatic access and click Next. If your user will need access to the AWS Management Console select AWS Management Console access checkbox as well.

Before selecting which policy you will add to the user, select the box that says Attach existing policies directly.

Now in the search bar type "AmazonEC2FullAccess" and then check the box of the policy that says AmazonEC2FullAccess. Then click next.

Click next on the tags page unless you have specific need for tags.

If everything on the review page looks correct click Create User.

Make sure to save your access key somewhere safe or you'll have to regenerate it in the future. If you want a csv file of your user, access key ID, and Secret access key, click download.csv and you'll download the file.

Use the key to enable AWS on Cycle

Now that you've generated your IAM user and access keys, you can activate AWS as a provider. For a quick walkthrough on setting up a new provider, go here.

Generate AWS SSH Keys

The following are the steps you need to generate SSH keys for your AWS infrastructure. It will assume you have followed the API key generation guide above and are familiar with the AWS dashboard.

  • Sign into your AWS Account.
  • Go to your EC2 instances dashboard.
  • Click SSH Keys from the left navigation, under the header Network & Security.
  • Choose the Create Key Pair button.
  • Name the SSH key "Cycle".
  • Click Create.

If for some reason Cycle becomes unresponsive and you need to rescue the files on your infrastructure, use your SSH key on port 2160 to log directly onto the Cycle OS.

Need Help?

If you've got questions about the platform or need some help getting started, our team is more than happy to assist. Whether you're new to containers or just new to Cycle, reach out to us via livechat by clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner. Join our Slack channel, and get help from the dev team or other members of the community, and check out our Roadmap to see what's planned for the future!