Storage Area Networks

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a network that connects additional block level storage to your compute. These devices are accessible to any of your compatible servers in the datacenter where the SAN is housed. The storage appears to the server as an attached drive, giving the server the idea that it's using local storage.

If you do choose to deploy a SAN, make sure to check with the provider for more information about cost.

Choosing SAN for your volumes

If you would like to use SAN's for your volumes there are a few things to consider.

  1. To use SANS you must deploy infrastructure through Packet.
  2. That infrastructure must be through an capable data center.

Determining SAN Compatibility

Existing Infrastructure

To check if your existing infrastructure is SAN capable do the following.

  • Click the infrastructure tab from the left hand nav.
  • Select the server that you wish to check.
  • Once on the server dashboard, scroll down and look for a tag called features.
  • If that tag has san-storage filled in then the server is capable connecting to a SAN.

New Infrastructure

To check if the infrastructure you're going to deploy is SAN capable, do the following.

  • Click the infrastructure tab from the left had nav.
  • Select Add Servers from the top of the infrastructure dashboard.
  • From the wizard, select Packet as the provider and then click the locations dropdown menu.
  • If the san-storage button is next the the location in the dropdown, the servers in that datacenter are SAN capable.

Deploying a container with an attached SAN

  • Make sure you have infrastructure that supports san.
  • Create an environment.
  • Click the Deploy Containers button on the top right of the environment dashboard.
  • Describe your container and select an image.
  • When you configure the container volume, select SAN (Standard) or SAN (Performance) from the list.
  • Create the container.

Standard and Performance SAN's

Standard - 500 IOPS per volume, great for backups and general use cases.

Performance - 15,000 IOPS per volume, excellent for I/O heavy workloads.

Further Reading

For more info on SAN's check out this link.

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