The Notification Pipeline

The notification pipeline is a websocket connection that broadcasts updates for a hub. It sends JSON messages over the socket, with a header field that can be used to determine the event that took place. From there, your application can determine if it needs to fetch additional data, or can react to real time updates.

  • topic

    A header topic, for the full list see the table included on this page.

  • object

    The ID of the notification and potential state and error information.

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  • context

    The context associated with this notification including but not limited to data on the hub, account, environment, DNS zone, cluster, or containers associated with this notification.

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Notification Headers

HeaderDescription SDN network has been created. SDN network has been reconfigured. SDN networks state has changed.
environment.startedAn environment has been started.
environment.stoppedAn environment has been stopped environments services have been reconfigured.
container.state.changedA containers state has changed
container.instances.reconfiguredThe instances of a container have been reconfigured.
container.reconfiguredA container has been reconfigured.
internal.service.compute.connectedThe internal service 'compute' has connected. DNS Zone record has been reconfigured. DNS Zone has been reconfigured DNS Zone record certificate is ready.


It is not possible to make websocket connections in cURL without the use of a third-party tool.

Example Connection
cURL cannot be used to connect to a websocket.
Example Response
"topic": "",
"object": {
"id": "5d71fa31db2ab0000167b87e",
"state": "",
"error": ""
"context": {
"hub_id": "5d71fa31db2ab0000167b87e",
"account_id": "5d71fa31db2ab0000167b87e",
"environments": [
"dns_zones": [],
"clusters": [
"containers": []