Projects Overview

Learn the basics of Cycle Projects and how to switch between them in the portal.

Projects on Cycle are a combination of infrastructure and billing information -- essentially, they are a named private cloud. Your organization may manage multiple private clouds for different clients, each with their own infrastructure requirements and payment methods. Projects are how you separate each one you manage.

Your account can be a member of multiple projects at the same time, and you can switch between them seamlessly using the portal. There are various roles and granular permissions an account can have within a project.

Switching Between Projects

Switching between projects on Cycle is seamless. Once you have created a project, you'll find it as a toggle in the navigation menu on the left.

The project toggle

Selecting the toggle will adjust the navigation menu so it lists all available projects for your account. You'll also see the option to create new projects here as well. In project select mode, the main content section will darken. Clicking anywhere in the darkened area will cancel the project selection.


Each project will have a colored symbol next to it indicating it's state.
Project has not been finalized. Clicking it will return you to the project creation wizard.
Services for this project (IPs, bandwidth, support, and infrastructure) are being provisioned and will be available soon.
Project is live. Clicking it will switch to this project.
Project is in the process of being deleted and cannot be selected.

Find Your Project ID

You may need to reference your project ID for use in the API, or a support team member may ask for it in order to expedite their assistance. Navigate to project settings, where the delete project form is, and it will be located in the right hand section of the page.

Need Help?

If you've got questions about the platform or need some help getting started, our team is more than happy to assist. Whether you're new to containers or just new to Cycle, reach out to us via livechat by clicking the blue circle in the bottom right corner. Join our Slack channel, and get help from the dev team or other members of the community.