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Announcements are the notification system built into the Cycle platform that allows our team to communicate with end users on critical matters that could potentially include things such as downtime and outages or pertinent vendor information such as infrastructure model end of life.o

Accessing Announcements

New announcements will show up on your Dashboard.



If an announcement has an updated message, that message will show below the original announcement.


Announcement Types

SevereA Severe priority announcement is used for major outages affecting a wide range of users.
HighA High priority announcement is used for minor outages affecting smaller groups of users.
MediumA Medium priority announcement is used for things that could affect a user if not know such as a vendors having trouble with their provisioning API.
LowA Low priority announcement is used for anything that our users need to be informed of, but that will most likely not have a major impact on uptime.
NoticeA Notice priority announcement would be used to inform our users of something that is happening in the near future that should be considered when making plans for future deployments.