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Configuring Your Hub

If you haven't already created your hub, make sure you do that first. If you need some help getting that configured, ping our team on our pulic Slack.


There are a few prerequisites to getting through the rest of this guide.

  1. Owning a domain - you'll need to at least be able to delegate part of a domain to Cycle so that you can set up a DNS Zone and add records.
  2. Infrastructure access - whether you have an on-prem rack you want to connect or you'd like to get started with one of our supported IaaS providers, you'll need to be able to deploy servers to use the platform.
  3. Basic knowledge of containers - Cycle is a containers platform. If you don't have any experience with containers you'll be able to get through this guide (because the companion repo we provide has everything you'll need), but you might find yourself getting a bit stuck. If you're looking for great resources on learning about containers, ping us on our public Slack and we'll point you in the right direction.

Steps To Configure Your Hub

Let's dive right into getting your hub configured. The main things we want to accomplish are:

  1. Integrating With A Provider - This is where we'll connect your hub to your cloud provider.
  2. Deploying A Server - After connecting a provider, well want to have some server resources online!